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We Help You Fulfill Orders & Manage Platform Integrations:
Streamline your eCommerce operations for one flat fee.

  • Low Pricing: Flat Fee for Pick, Pack, and Ship
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Save up to 60% on ocean freight from Asia
  • 30-Minute Ride from Port of Oakland
  • Integration with Major Sales Channels
  • One Dashboard with Real-Time Reports and Insights
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Why Choose Cenports

Same-Day Shipping

We ship orders - including international - same-day if we receive them by 10 am PT.

Cloud-Based Order Management System.

Access our order management system from any browser to get features like inventory management, centralized order management, fulfillment status, and more.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every client at Cenports gets a dedicated Account Manager who provides solutions within 24 hours to helps manage your account.

Grow Your Sales Channels

Go beyond Amazon and let us build direct partnerships with top-500 online retailers.


Powerful Networking, Convenient Integration, and More

Cenports works with the biggest names in retail to put your products in front of millions of consumers. With integrated 3rd-party logistics (3PL) services and convenient order fulfillment service, you’ll also be able to manage orders and inventory like never before.

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Our Integrated Partners



How Can We Help You?

While other 3PL companies focus individually on sales, fulfillment, or analytics, we target the crucial intersection of the three. With our one-stop e-commerce drop shipping and order fulfillment service, we enable merchants and entrepreneurs to thrive and grow without having to manage orders and inventory on their own.

World-Class Fulfillment

Has order fulfillment overtaken production? Do you spend more time printing shipping labels than you do innovating? With our warehousing, shipping, and packing services, you can ship your products to us and we’ll fulfill the orders for you! Our drop shipping services do the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

Simple, Centralized Order Integration

Our technology integrates your retailers so you can easily manage all your orders in a single platform. Simply log in to your web-based dashboard to view data from all your retailers in one convenient place.

Major Retail Connections

We can help sell your products by pitching them to our network of over 100 online retailers. No matter what your product is or who you’ve created it for, we’ll work with you to create a strong sales strategy to help your business expand. By pitching your goods to network partners like Target, The Home Depot, and Amazon FBA services, we can raise your profile and get your products seen by just the right audience.

We Are Built To Help You Grow

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How We’ll Work Together

Easy Setup

No long-term contracts. Send us your inventory and product information to get started.

Real-Time Sales Integrations

Our technology connects to a vast network of sales channels to get your orders in real time and generate an immediate pick list.

End-to-End Fulfillment

The minute we ship your products, our automated system sends tracking information to your sales channels through EDI, API, FTP, or email.

Product Pitches to Build Your Revenue

We pitch your products to trusted retailers to grow your sales numbers. (Service optional.)

We Help Integrate & Connect All Of Your Sales Channels Directly.

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Platform Features



Q1. Are there setup and integration fees?
No. The prices we quote you are the prices you pay.
Q2. When will I be billed?
Billing is done based on volume. Partners with fewer than 500 orders a month will be billed monthly; partners with more than 500 orders a month will be billed weekly.
Q3. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept online payments from PayPal, Apply Pay, WeChat Pay, and Alipay.
Q4. Are the fulfillment prices per piece or per order?
Orders shipped to your end customer are priced per order.
Q5. How do you calculate storage fees?
We make it simple: if your products can be stored on a 40x48” pallet with a maximum height of 72”, we charge just $30 per month. Smaller storage options are priced at $3 per box per month.
Q6. Do you handle returns?
Yes. Our fees depend on the work required and are determined on a company-by-company, product-by-product basis. Simple quality checks keep fees low, but electronic inspections and other measures will cost more.
Q7. Will our products be insured if we use your warehouse?
Yes. You are at no risk when you store your products with us.
Q8. Are there any products you don’t store?
We do not store flammable materials or perishable foods.
Q9. How are you different than FBA?
Amazon FBA only fulfills orders from Amazon. We fulfill orders from Amazon and all other eCommerce platforms and retailers.
Q10. What’s included in your shipping charges?
Our fulfillment includes shipping, packaging materials, and shipping labels. We charge by weight (details provided in our pricing guide). If you prefer that we use your shipping account, we will, but we generally have more competitive pricing because of our volume discounts.
Q11. Are you also a drop-shipping supplier?
Yes, we provide products for drop-shipping for your online stores. Our top categories are furniture, home goods, and pet products, and we are always adding products and categories. Please inquire about a catalog and wholesale pricing.
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